Master Mantak Chia in Budapest

 2023. May 06 – 11.

!! New event !!

 Healing love

evening course

18:00 – 21:00h

Transform stress into vitality – TAO Chikung Basics

 2 days course

2023.05.06 – 07.
(Saturday – Sunday)
9:30 – 16:30h

Iron Shirt + Tai Chi Qigong

 2 days course

2023.05.08 – 09.
(Monday – Tuesday)
9:30 – 16:30h 

Cosmic Healing

 2 days course

2023.05.10 – 11.
(Wednesday – Thursday)
9:30 – 16:30h 


Master Mantak Chia has been the only one named twice as Qigong Master of the Year by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong in 1990 and 2012 and is also listed as number 18 of the 100 most Spiritually Influential people in The Watkins Review 2012. Master Mantak Chia is the founder of the Universal Healing Tao System, as taught throughout the world to tens of thousands of students of the Tao.


 Healing love – evening course

2023.05.05 | Friday |
18:00 – 21:00 ( Opening: 17:00 ) 
For beginners

Mantak Chia's most famous course!

Registration starts at: 2023.03.07. 20:00h

We will learn how to nurture, circulate and store sexual energy. Men learn how to control ejaculation, how to transform sexual energy into Chi (life force), and then how to transform it into spiritual power. Women learn to regulate menstruation and transform blood into Qi.

Individual and couple practices preserve and transform sexual energy, thus refreshing and rejuvenating the vital functions of the body. Ovary and testicle breathing techniques, scrotum and ovary compression, Force Lock, Big Pull-up and Valley Orgasm enhance sexual fulfillment and physical development, as vital energy is exchanged with the partner without wasting emotional and sexual energy.

The evening lecture gives you a brief insight into these techniques, personally from master Mantak Chia!

Transform stress into vitality – TAO Qigong Basics

2023.05.06 – 07.  | Saturday – Sunday | 9:30 – 16:30h

For beginners

What we learn :

Inner smile - teaches us how to get in touch with our inner organs, smiling to them and transforming them using love, kindness, gentleness and healing energy.

Learn about harnessing the micro cosmic orbit and using this ancient foundation for healing to awaken and open the body centers - drawing in the universal, cosmic and earth forces from the six directions.
Six healing sounds - cools down the body releasing excess heat, cleans toxins out of the organs and transforms negative emotions into positive emotions. Each sound relates to a vital organ and has a color, body posture and emotion.

Iron Shirt + Tai Chi Qigong

2023.05.08 – 09.  | Monday – Tuesday | 9:30 – 16:30h

For beginners

Iron Shirt Chi Kung:

Once a martial art, consists of 5 standing postures teaching us to ‘root’ to the earth force, in which strengthens tendons, muscles, bones and organs. Learn ancient breathing techniques to increase and ‘pack’ chi in the fascia (connective tissues) creating a chi belt, the result is increased stamina & energy flow and the body’s ability to fight disease and protect the organs from injury. Use the power of the mind with deep, relaxed inhalations to establish inward flow of eternal energy. Bone compression is the physical process of spiraling, packing, and contracting muscles squeezing chi into the bones
Explores the deep, internal work necessary for the effective practice of tai chi

• Reveals the Taoist principles that gave birth to the Yang-style tai chi forms
• Shows how tai chi can circulate powerful healing energies through the body

Tai Chi Qigong:

Taoist adepts developed tai chi as both a martial art and a way to cultivate their physical body, energy body, and spirit body. Like all Taoist exercises, its main purpose is to form a connection to the basic energy that is the foundation of all life: chi. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, tai chi was considered a secret practice that was passed down only within a closely knit structure of family and loyal disciples. Despite its widespread growth in popularity as a martial art and health exercise, many of its underlying internal practices remain unknown.

Cosmic Healing 

2023.05.10 – 11.  | Wednesday – Thursday | 9:30 – 16:30h

For beginners

You’ll learn how to:

  •  Channel energy to heal the body - on yourself first and then learning how to heal others
  • Project Qi to detoxify and rejuvenate major organ systems
  • Root sick energy into the earth and disperse it into the Universe to be decomposed and recycled by the planets.

Cosmic Healing I is a practice of channeling pure cosmic Qi for healing. The experience with healing energy can give you a feeling of energetic buoyancy, recharging you with pure Cosmic Qi

Master Chia will teach how to channel energy for healing the body and through working with a partner, how to heal ourselves and others.


08:30 - 09:30 Registration
09:30 - 11:00 Teaching
11:00 - 11:30 Break
11:30 - 13:00 Teaching
13:00 - 14:30 Lunchbreak
14:30 - 16:00 Teaching
16:00 - 16:30 Questions & Answers
16:30 Closing

You can learn both theory and practice about for your spiritual development. 

Mantak Chia speaking english.


La Vida DUNA Rendezvényház

1138 Budapest, Dunavirág u. 2.


6 days ticket

( valid for all courses )
600 EUR
most popular

Healing love

2023-05-05 - Evening course
40 EUR

Transform stress into vitality - TAO Chikung Basics

(2 days course)
250 EUR
For beginners

Iron Shirt +
Tai Chi Qigong

(2 days course)
250 EUR
For beginners

Cosmic Healing

(2 days course)
250 EUR
For beginners

Cancellation Policy:

Refunds prior to April 15. will incur a cancellation fee of 80 EUR.  
After that, refunds will be made only if a replacement can be found.